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By nature, I possess a high level of openness towards different cultural backgrounds not only through the languages I learned (Bulgarian, Russian, German and English) but also through my personal experience growing up in Bulgaria, studying in UK and living in Canada for the last 20 years. I grew up in a family of healers whose intuitive thinking was highly developed. My love for self-improvement and interest in the human condition was evident early on. I was intrigued by what happiness was and how our emotions affected us.

My background as a professional in the business world, having studied computer science and human computer interaction, gave me ability to bridge the cognitive with the intuitive side. I held positions with high profile companies where my work focused on the subject of ease of use, learnability and simplicity of design. My desire to lead teams, achieve goals and find solutions made me an effective project manager.

While my thinking mind was preoccupied, my soul was craving a return to my early passion for understanding the human psychology. I completed a 6-year psychotherapy training in Toronto and gained invaluable experience spending hundreds of hours helping clients. As an immigrant, woman and a working mother, I have encountered delights and challenges that have enriched my life and expanded my soul.